A Collection of the Principal Liturgies

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Of the many controversies, which of late years have exercised and divided the Christian Church, this now under our consideration is not the least significant: For the dispute is concerning the matter of the Christian sacrifice, and the form of administering that sacred ordinance: and last, how diffused our charity ought to be, when we offer the memorial of our dying Saviour, whether confined to the Militant Church on earth, or extended to those also who have fought the good fight, and are departed from us with the sign of faith. It is urged on the other hand,<br><br>1st. That water is an essential part of the Eucharistic Cup.<br><br>2dly. That the oblation of the elements to God the Father; and,<br><br>3dly. The invocation of the Holy Spirit upon them, are essential parts of consecration; and,<br><br>4thly. That the faithful departed ought to be recommended in the eucharistic commemoration.<br><br>The advocates of these usages have appealed,<br><br>1st. To Scripture interpreted by early Fathers.<br><br>2dly. To universal Tradition, for the proof of their assertions.

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