A State of the Expedition From Canada

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But' there are fituations, in which, not only general aflent feems to'juflify a man in {peaking of himfelf, but in which alfo no little confideration ought: to be admitted to the mind. Such will be the cafe, if lam not deceived, when the interef'ts of the public are bleiided with thofe of the individual and II hen his very errors may ferse as infiruétion to others. Misfortunes which awaken fenfibility will' bea further, and aperfu'afive call, upon the attention of the public; and it will amount tma claim upon their jar/lice, if. He can fbew that he. Has been injurioufly treated. U ponmaturely weighing thefe and feveral other circumf'tances, afteri had' been denied a profeffional examination of. My condué'c, and difappointed of aparliaine-utary one, I determined to lay. Before the public a {late of the cxpeo dition from Canada, in 1777, inn my own name. And my firf't defign was to do it under the title, and with» the latitude of' Memoirs as a mode by which I could-heft open the principles of my aaions, and introduce, with molt propriety, collateral charaélers, incidents, and as they might occafionally tend to illufirate the main fubjéél.

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