A Treatise on the Nervous Diseases of Children

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Nervous Affections of Childhood, which would give both the physician and the student fuller information regarding these diseases than is to be obtained from text-books on pediatrics.<br><br>The first conception of what such a treatise ought to be was a very modest one, but the task has grown upon the authors hands until the book assumed its present proportions. It was thought best to include all those diseases which either occur frequently during early life, or which, when occurring at this period, have some distinctive features. According to this plan such affections as epilepsy, tumors of the brain, and meningitis, which occur both in adult life and in childhood, have been treated fully, but tabes dorsalis and general paresis, although observed occasionally in youthful individuals, did not seem to come within the scope of this treatise.<br><br>In arranging the chapters the effort has been made to indicate by their sequence the natural relation of the various diseases. No apology is needed for the Introductory Chapter, which the author, from his experience as a teacher, knows will meet the needs of the practitioner and the student. Contrary to the usual custom, the functional disorders of the nervous system are discussed first. There seems to be good reason for this. These functional disorders are of the greatest practical importance and constitute fully one-hall of the nervous diseases observed during early years.

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