A Treatise on the Law of Identification

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The question is referred to only to recognize its existence. It belongs to another science, and much has been said and written upon it, and writers and experts have so far disagreed, that if the writer had the ability, time and inclination, he would not have space in this work to reconcile a conflict so hopeless. These subjects, involving the questions of identity above referred to, have been noticed by the writers on the law of Evidence, but it will be seen that they have given to identification only a passing notice.<br><br>The writer has endeavored, with industry and access to the full and complete library of Congress, to collect all the leading cases and valuable material on this subject, to be found in the adjudged cases, both in England and America, not citing all the cases, of course, but sufficient to support each proposition; and in so doing, he was not content in giving a mere abstract principle of law. This might be sufficient for the practitioner who has daily access to a complete library; but is not satisfactory to those less favored. So it has been deemed better to illustrate principles by given cases which have been adjudged - sometimes giving a brief statement of the facts which involve the point, and often, for greater certainty, drawing upon the language of the court. And again, in this style, in the various conflicts in decisions, the reader has the reasoning on both sides. With these suggestions, this work, though imperfect it may be, is respectfully submitted to the consideration of a generous profession.

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