A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel According to S. Matthew

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Since the first publication of this book two important Commentaries have appeared, viz. Dr. Plummer's valuable Exegetical Commentary on the Gospel of St. Matthew, London, 1909, and Klostermann's most useful Commentary in the Handbuch zum Neuen Testament Tubingen, 1909. In this third edition of my Commentary no attempt has been made to revise the whole work. A number of corrections, for which I have to thank many kind friends, has been made in the text, some additional notes and references are appended, and two supplementary notes on the subjects of Divorce, and of the Date of the Gospel, are printed at the end by kind permission of the Editor of The Expository Times. By way of supplement to what I have said on pp. lvii-lix as to the Matthean Logia, may I refer to an Essay on "The Book of Sayings used by the Editor of the First Gospel" in Studies in the Synoptic Problem, Clarendon Press, 1901.

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