An Exposition of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Philippians

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Let us rejoice in the favours which God bestows on men. Let us never think of them without thanking him for them. Besides his glory, the love that we owe to each other would 0i e us to do so; and that which the apostle bore to t e Phili pians up are clearly in this duty, which he yie] ed to Go for them. For if he had not ardentl loved them, he would not have been so careful t us to thank the Lord for their prosperity every time that he thought of them. He calls him his God, as well for the remark able providence that he continually displayed for him in his Son Jesus Christ, as for the service that the apostle yielded him in his spirit, and for the lively feeling that be had of both. For though he be the God of all the faithful in common, every one of them in particular who would express the senti ments of his love, and the emotions of his zeal, may rightfully call him his God. As we read that St. T omas, in the rapturous jo which he felt when be positively recognised the ord Jesus through his rich grace, ex ressed his own emotion in an denly crying out, y Lord, and my God.

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