A Discourse of the Common Weal of This Realm of England

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Her article in the English Historical Review (April 1891), together with suggestions for recasting it, supplied materials for the introduction. Two or three pages of the notes were also complete, but there was a considerable quantity of material which required to be entirely re-arranged. The introduction and notes do not in all cases represent her matured opinion; on more than one point she hoped to be able to go through the evidence again, though her main conclusions have already received general acceptance. (Cossa, Introduzione 3 ed. p. 198. Ashley, Economic History I. ii. 260.)<br><br>For cordial assistance received, I venture to express Miss Lamond's thanks as well as my own; to Mr Lambarde, for consenting to the long continued use of the very interesting manuscript which forms the basis of the text, and to the authorities of the Bodleian for their kindness in giving her special facilities for collating the Ms. in their possession; also for assistance on special points to Mr J. D. Duff, Fellow of Trinity College; to Professor Foxwell, Fellow of S. John's College; to Mr Hubert Hall, of the Record Office; to Miss E. A. McArthur, of Girton College; to Mr. F. B. Smart, of King's College; to Professor Sapsworth, of Zurich, and to Mr A. Rogers, of the University Library.

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