An Exposition of the Thirty Nine Articles

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The gathering storm, never fails to attract the mariner's attention, and to put him on his guard. His anxious eye measures the breadth of the cloud, and he notes the growing strength of the gale. His vessel is put in a state of preparation - anchors are in readiness, sail is taken in, and the helm lashed. The tempest comes on apace; and but for its preparedness, the loss of the ship and the crew must be the inevitable result.<br><br>The writer of these introductory pages, perplexed by reason of contending opinions, and alive to the danger of being "carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness," was led deeply to feel the necessity of examining the true condition of the vessel in which he was embarked, and her capability of withstanding a tempest, which has assailed, and still threatens, he fears, more terribly to assail her.

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