A Defence of Particular Redemption

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It is well known that a particular truth is often mol effectually opposed by the introduction of principl inconsistent with it, than by an open attack upon th truth. Now, if I mistake not, Arminian principles hat been more effectually introduced into the churches, i this manner, by Mr. Fuller's writings, than if he he openly impugned the doctrines of grace, and employe the whole force of his able pen against election, eflic cions grace, and final perseverance. These he professe to maintain inviolably yet, by insisting on faith i Christ as a moral duty, comprehended radically in tl: law, — by his view of moral inability, — but especially b the sentiments he has advanced relative to the Atom ment of the Son of God, he has furnished a system It those who are predisposed towards Arminianism an this system has so far prevailed in the churches, that no' we hear almost as little of finished salvation as if v were Arminians; as little of the earnest and the witnes of the Spirit, as if we were Sandemanians.

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