A Frontier Life

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IN giving this little sketch to the public, I shall endeavor to give a brief description of the hardships and trials of frontier life. Speaking largely of my experience and trials with the In dians in different localities where I have lived, I shall also give some amusing accounts of hunt ing the buffalo, wolves, and other wild animals on the plains, including my trials and hardships in the ministry while laying the foundation for Methodism and righteousness in new and un cultivated fields. In describing life and scenes among the wilds of the West, I shall strive in every particular to give the facts. Some of the material I have gath ered is from other parties, who were eye-wit nesses to what they have related to me. In giving my own experience with the sav ages, I may make some mistakes, though I relate what I think to be correct. The reader must be aware that, after the lapse of so many years, I may forget some particulars of the events I undertake to describe. So if any of my readers should discover an incorrect state ment in this little record, they may know that I was misinformed or that my memory is at fault.

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