A Glossary of the Cleveland Dialect


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Ten years ago the work which has resulted in the publication of this book was somewhat more than merely entered upon. But I am not able to say how long it is ago since the first thoughts of publication in the present, or in any, form definitely presented themselves: it was not, however, until some time after the labour bestowed had begotten greater interest, and the interest had stimulated not only increased painstaking but more diligent and systematic study. In the hope the book may prove that neither the labour nor the study has been quite without effect towards the illustration of an interesting subject and in the cause of philology, it is now submitted to the judgment of the public.<br><br>No one can be more sensible than the author of its many imperfections and deficiencies. Many errors, many failures, many shortcomings will inevitably be pointed out. Working alone and unassisted, as he has done, in a singularly remote district, far from any accessible collection of books which might have been of aid, or from habitual intercourse with cultivated minds, with the duties of a very wide Moorland parish to attend to, with his children to teach himself, it could hardly fail to be so, however honest and hearty the labour bestowed in his not too abundant spare time might be.<br><br>This is not written to deprecate criticism. He would, indeed, rather invite it.

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