A Glossary of the Lancashire Dialect


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In these prefatory remarks it is not intended to do more than indicate, as briefly as possible, the general scope of the Glossary, and to offer such observations as seem absolutely necessary for the due comprehension of the plan pursued. The portion now published will amount, it is estimated, to rather more than a third of the Glossary proper. On its completion, the words themselves will be reprinted - apart from the meanings, notes, and illustrations - accompanied by a representation of the pronunciation according to the Glossic system of Mr. A. J. Ellis. This will be followed by a General Introduction, embodying remarks on the grammatical structure and peculiarities of the dialect, and on the variations of idiom and pronunciation as observable in the several districts of the county. It is proposed also to include, in this section of the work, an essay on the capabilities of the dialect and a bibliographical survey of its literature.<br><br>A fairly well-defined difference exists between the dialect of the northern and southern portions of Lancashire.

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