A Journal of the Disasters in Affghanistan

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Akukzye. The name of one of the great Affghan tribes.<br><br>Aloo-baloo. The wild sour cherry.<br><br>Aman. The cry for mercy - quarter.<br><br>Ameer. Commander or chief.<br><br>Ana. - A small coin; sixteen of which make a rupee. Its value is about three halfpence.<br><br>Ashurpee. - A mohur - a gold coin. Its value is about thirty shillings English.<br><br>Ayah. A female attendant - a nurse.<br><br>Bahadur. A bravo - a boaster or braggadocio; also a brave man - a hero.<br><br>Bahadur (verb). To boast or brag.<br><br>Bala Hissar. Upper citadel - royal palace.<br><br>Barats. Legal documents - assignments - promissory notes.<br><br>Barukzye. The name of one of the five great Dooranee tribes.<br><br>Bash or bosh. Nothing - humbug.<br><br>Bashee. A head-man.<br><br>Bédanas. A sort of mulberry.<br><br>Behmaru. The name of a village near Cabul. The word signifies "the husbandless."<br><br>Bhanghys. Baggage. - Boxes. They are boxes hung at each end of a pole and carried on a man's shoulder.<br><br>Bheestees. Water-carriers.<br><br>Bhoosa or Boussa. Chopped straw- chaff. Hindostani.

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