A Genealogical History


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This little book makes no pretention to literary merit. Indeed I fear it will not require a critic of much acuteness or experience to detect within its pages many defects of style and diction. I trust, however, that no reader will feel disposed to censure me for any literary blemishes he may discover, when he remembers that in my youth children lacked the advantages available to-day through our common school system, and that, as a rule, the schools. of my boyhood's time were in charge of teachers who, in country districts at least, were paid the most meagre pittance for salary, and were compelled to "board round,' living, a week or so in turn, with each family sending pupils to the school. I have to confess, regretfully, that the small scholastic knowledge I possess, J. is limited to the scanty store I was able to acquire during some three winters' attendance at one of these old-time schools, supplemented by such stray gleanings as I found opportunity to make during a life of almost constant business activity. I would therefore have been glad had some hand, better qualified than mine, assumed the task I have aimed to accomplish in writing this book. I have undertaken the work myself only after having failed to induce others to perform it.<br><br>I believe that most people, especially in later life, are interested in their family history, and anxious to learn as much as possible in regard to their ancestral tree.

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