A History of the Church of St. Peter Northampton, Together With the Chapels of Kingsthorpe and Upton

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IN collecting information for a history of the church of All Saints', Northampton (published a few years ago), the author came across many references to the neighbouring church Of St. Peter, which eventually led to the compilation of the present volume. NO history of this beautiful little Norman church has hitherto been written, and the present work is an attempt to supply a long-felt and often-ex pressed want. The original intention of the writer was to confine himself to an account Of St. Peter's, but the two daughter parishes of Kingsthorpe and Upton were so closely connected with the mother church, that it was found almost impossible to separate the one from the others. In a work of this kind some mistakes are almost inevitable, but every. Effort has been made by verifying each reference and by consulting experts on all points of difficulty, to render these as few as possible. With this object in view the writer has personally examined numerous manuscripts in the Public Record Office, the British Museum, and the Bodleian Library and while the work was passing through the press he had also an opportunity of inspecting one of the original documents relating to the three churches preserved among the Papal Archives in the Vatican Palace in Rome. In preparing the list of rectors, the Episcopal Registers at Lincoln, Peterborough, and Lambeth were carefully gone through, and various new names and dates discovered, while from a perusal of two charters in the British Museum, the list has been carried back well into the twelfth century — probably to the actual foundation of the Norman church, circa. 1170.

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