A History of the Clan Maclean From Its First Settlement at Castle, in the Isle of Mull, to the Present Period

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It will be observed that this volume is almost wholly confined to the Mac Leans of Scotland. The family histories of whatever branch must necessarily begin with the clan itself; and as the clan history does not-extend outside of Scot land, the foundation must necessarily be laid in the land of its birth. To treat of the macleans in other countries would require several volumes — America alone would demand a large one. Having presented the clan proper, the other histories could readily find a beginning. The various cadets or septs have been presented as fully as it was possible. In some instances an account could not be obtained owing to the carelessness in preserving the records; and hence, unwillingly, I have been forced to pass them over. In some of those given, it was found next to impossible to reach the descendants now living. Instead of an Index a copious Table of Contents is given. Owing to the repeated recurrence of the same name an index would not be of so much value as a full table of contents; and it is believed that in the latter, the reader will experience no difficulty in finding the desired information. I am fully aware of the many imperfections contained in this volume. Due effort has been made to remedy them; but this in some instances has been found impossible owing to the want of accurate information. Being re moved a distance of four thousand miles adds also to the perplexity: In some respects this may be regarded as an advantage; for a judgment might be formed more correctly when not influenced by the pressure of immediate surroundings.

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