A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Colors for Painting

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The volume here presented to the American public, derived as it is from the last and greatly improved Paris edition of the well-known work of MM. Riffault, Vergnaud, and Toussaint, edited by M. F. Malepeyre, is believed to be by far the most thorough and complete treatise upon the important subject which it considers, ever published in the English language.<br><br>It comprises some account of those pigments now known to have been used by the ancients; the principles of color as developed by Chevreul; thorough descriptions of the nature and properties of the raw materials used, and the processes and machinery for the manufacture of an immense variety of pigments; the combinations necessary in the compounding of those colors, hues, and tones which are the results of the mixture of colors; practical information as to dryers; and a variety of analyses and tests of pigments, and much other useful information.

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