A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts

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In the first edition of this work, the Narrative closed with the Revolution, and the Genealogies contained only those families settled here before that date. The History is now continued to nearer the present time, but with less fullness. Failing health has prevented the necessary labor to continue the Genealogies in a satisfactory manner. Dependence has been had in that department upon such material as those interested in their own families have furnished in response to public solicitations. This will explain the presence or absence of particular families living here since the Revolution.<br><br>It is more than a quarter of a century since the work of collecting the facts given in these pages was begun. The time given to it would make many solid years. Had it not been a labor of love, it had ceased long ago. Setting forth the difficulties in the way, would give nothing new to the historical student and nothing of interest to the indifferent; so explanation is needless. I wish, however, to emphasize one of the delights attending these labors; this has been the uniform kindness and spirit of helpfulness shown by those having charge of the public records and books which I have had occasion to consult. To one and all of these I would tender my hearty thanks, but alas! many have passed the bounds of sight or sound.

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