A Catalogue of Surgical Instruments

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Arnold and Sons, in presenting to the Profession the Revised Edition of their Illustrated Catalogue of Surgical Instruments and Appliances take the opportunity of tendering their thanks for the liberal support they have received during the last half century and trust that by still continuing to produce Instruments, &c., of the very best construction, quality, and finish, to merit a continuance of that patronage hitherto accorded them.<br><br>Only the best and most experienced workmen are employed in Arnold and Sons' Factory, and every instrument so manufactured is examined personally by one of the firm, thus enabling them to guarantee the quality of every article purchased.<br><br>To meet the rapid development of their business Messrs. Arnold and Sons' have been compelled to enlarge their premises; they are therefore now enabled to keep in stock an extensive assortment of instruments of all descriptions, so that orders can be executed without any delay. They have also provided Consulting, Fitting, and Waiting Rooms, which will no doubt be a great convenience to the Profession.<br><br>The prices affixed are extremely moderate, taking into account the superior workmanship, and will bear a favorable comparison with other published lists; if in some few cases they be slightly in excess, it is because it is found to be impossible to produce Instruments at a lower rate, if the quality is to be guaranteed.

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