A Treatise on the Esculent Funguses of England

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My lamented friend Dr. Badham having died since the first publication of this work, my advice was asked upon the subject of the preparation of a new edition. It was wished that the text of the work should be altered as little as possible, and that the price of the book should be materially lessened. The latter object could not be effected without reducing the number of the Plates; but it appeared to me that some plates relating to details of structure might very well be omitted, as well as the figures of a few Italian species which, although interesting in themselves, are quite unnecessary in a book on British Esculent Fungi. With the exception of the omission of the description of these latter species, and the addition of the description of two other species hereafter referred to, the alterations in the text are too trifling to require notice. With regard to the Figures in this edition, most of them are those of the former plates, somewhat reduced; a few have been taken from the plates of Mr. Berkeley's 'Outlines of British Fungology,' and a few from original and other sources.<br><br>By a re-arrangement of the whole, the reduction in the number of the Plates has been effected, and, at the same time, figures of all the fungi represented in the first edition have been given, as well as of two other species not there noticed.

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