Art Studies, the Old Masters of Italy, Painting

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The proper aim of a work of this character is so interwoven with the entire text that the author, in a preface, has little else to say than to request those who feel a real interest in art to patiently keep him company to the end. Those who do not should st0p here. All or nothing is better in this instance. For, with less than a thorough perusal cavil who may afterwards — both the topic and author may be misinterpreted. Yet, in the Epic struggle of Life going on in America, resolving rough and serious problems of all sorts, in which struggle our population seem to be ever striving to catch up with something that as constantly eludes their grasp, how can one hope to persuade the people to borrow even a few moments from their great match with Time, to give heed to the lessons and enjoyments of art? The author, while in America, finds himself, voluntarily or not, borne rapidly along by the great tide of human action, and also feels the thrill of the eager pursuit after that practical and material ideal of success which gives strength to our.

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