A Descriptive and Historical View of Alnwick, the County Town of Northumberland

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The early history of nations, cities, and places, that had their origin in remote ages, and lay claim to any degree of antiquity, is involved in great obscurity From the want of records, the low state of civilization in these distant periods, and the almost total neglect of every thing but what tended to defence, convenience, or comfort, the transactions of ancient times are so uniformly shrouded in conjecture, that every research into the remote origin of places is subject to doubtful and groundless inquiry. Indeed, the state of Britain previous to the invasion of the Romans is but imperfectly un derstood; for it is agreed by the ablest inquirers, that the first accounts of this island that deserve any credit are given by the Romans; the dis cordant opinions of historians respecting its original settlement having a tendency to oh scure rather than to' enlighten the subject.

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