A True Account of the Captivity of Thomas Phelps, at Machaness in Barbary

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(3 were entertain'd with the civilities of the place and Intelo'; comed'by the joyfull' acclamations and complements ofthe' Moors kicking and flapping us all along, which appeared very uncomb to me, who was but a Stranger, but that Night my fellow Captives allayed my wonder, by acquainting me, that what had pail was nothing, it was only a futable pro-i logue to all the Tragical fullerings that Chrillians mull en dure there whilfl they are Slaves, which were (0 dreadful, that o I could willingly that very Night have ventured my Life to endeavour an efcape; they Painted out to me the Tyran nical humour of the Emperour, both towards the Chriflians and Natives, in fuch Blondy Colours, 'w'z. How they had feen him Butcher many Thoufands with his'own hands, how that none can be {ecure in his prefence for that the varying of a look, a {mall {pot in the Garment, or any luch inconfiderablc circumflance, will raile {uch a caprice in the Emperours Nod.) dle, without any other provocation, as to endanger all the Heads before him, and it is very rare if the company efca 'c.

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