A Compendious Sanskrit Grammar

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A concise, synthetical exposition of the structure of the Sanskrit Language has been the object aimed at in the preparation of this brief manual. If I have tried to reconcile with the limited compass of the book rather more fullness of detail and stringency of method than might seem accordant with the general plan of the series of which it forms a part, it is because I have constantly had in view the fact that a large body of students take up Sanskrit mainly on account of the important relation it sustains to indo-european philology, while all have an interest in that relation; and because I was not satisfied to leave the learner with a mere surface introduction into a language, of which no fruitful knowledge can be acquired except through the means of a nice analysis of its structure. It has been my constant endeavour not to sacrifice clearness for detail; and different types have been used to indicate to the learner what may be safely left out, or left for reference only, at a first reading.

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