A New Introduction to Trade and Business, Very Useful for the Youth of Both Sexes

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Firuétor, who will be {aired the Trouble ofexami ning 'his Pupil's Work. Befides thefe Alterations, Additions and Improvements, which we flatter ourfelves will meet with Approbation, we cannot but apprehend that the beautiful and regular Manner in which the Work is printed, efpecially the Bills of Parcels, and Bills on book-debts, (mof't of which have been copied from Bills in real fbufinefs, and are exa& Patterns for Youth to imitate) will be a great Recommendation to the: Book and lailly, for the Convenience of the Teacher, the? Receipts, Promifibry Notes, and every following Article, are numbercd'in a regu lar Order. We {hall not take up any more Time in faying any further ofthe Performance, bur only wiih it may anl'wer the Intent of its Publication, wiz. 472 Iiztroa'afiiarz for Youth, whereby they may attain to the Knowledge of thofe things that are hecefl'aryfor them to be acquainted with, before.

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