A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne

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    Letteratura, Poesia

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Which,in this humble Cv r p 7, my Low prefents 5 And, wilbeth it may adde to your Contents. Perhaps it {hall For, though I dare nor thew Thefe Figures, as well meriting your View 5 Nor boal't, as if their Word/l: couched ought, By which your facred sdome: may be taught yet,i have humble H apmgrghat, they might Prove, fome way', an occafion of delight 5 Since, meane and common objefir, now and then, Beget contentments in the grate/1mm. But, that before this Boo/cc, I (hould propofe Your praifefull NA M E s, there is (as I fuppofe) A faire inducement For, confidering theft; Are EM 3 L a M s, tfe intention is to pleafe And profit vulgar Iudgements (by the View, Of what they ought to follow, or efchew.) And, Iwell knowing, that your MA I s s r r a s Set foorth before my Boo/min Emélcm-wzfe.

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