A Treatise of the Covenant of Grace

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The Author of the Covenant is God, not God and man, God doth'enter into Covenant with man, not as his equal], but as his Soveraigne, and man is bound to accept of the conditions ofi'ered by the Lord. There can he no futh equality of power and authority betwixt God and the creature, as that he {hould indent with the mall High, but he mull; accept what the Lord is well pleat'ed to offer and command. The Covenant is of God, and that of his fi'ee grace and love for although in fome Covenant the good covenanted be promifed in iufllce, and given, in jaflice fat: on: workes yet it was of. Grace that God was pleafed tobind himfelfe to his creature, and above the defert of the creature: and though the reward be of juftiee, it is alfo of favour. For after perfect obedience perform ed according to the will ofgod, it had been no injuftice in God,ashe made the creature of nothing, ii) to have brought him unto nothing: it' was then of grace' that he was pleafed to make that promile, and of the fame grace his bage pinefi'e {hould have been continued. The partees covenanting are God and man for God promifethnnto man upon condition, and man promifethunto God what he 'requireth In refpect of Gods promife the Covenant is called his: but in refpeét of the conditionsfit may be called mans. God promiferh fi'eely to te Zech.9.t r. Compence the good of obedience, which is already due and I mw} might be exacted without promiie of rewind; man promii'eth to °my CW pay that debt ofdnty,which he oweth unto the Lord,in refpeét of m the manifold relations, wherein he {lands obliged unto him. The, as.'.t u fhttne tif-the Covenant Frauds in 3 Promife and Itefiipnlatitm, mm and Wherein the Lotti, though he might have (required My.

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