Baldwin Locomotive Works Illustrated Catalogue of Locomotives, 1881

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Baldwin Locomotive Works Illustrated Catalogue of Locomotives, 1881 - copertina
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This original stationary engine, constructed prior to 1830, is still in good order and carefully preserved at the works. It has successively supplied the power in six different departments as they have been opened, from time to time, in the growth of the business. The manufacture of stationary steam-engines thus took a prominent place in the establishment, and Mr. Mason shortly afterward withdrew from the partnership. In 1829 — 30 the use of steam as a motive power on railroads had begun to engage the attention of American engineers. A few locomotives had been imported from England, and one (which, however, was not successful) had been constructed at the West Point Foundry, in New York City. To gratify the public interest in the new motor, Mr. Franklin Peale, then proprietor of the Philadelphia Museum, applied to Mr. Baldwin to construct a miniature locomo tive for exhibition in his establishment. With the aid only of the imperfect published descriptions and sketches of the locomotives which had taken part in the Rainhill competition in England, Mr. Baldwin undertook the work, and on the 25th of April, 1831, the miniature locomotive was put in motion on a circular track made of pine boards covered with hoop iron, in the rooms of the Museum. Two small cars, containing seats for four passengers, were attached to it, and the novel spectacle attracted crowds of admiring Spectators. Both anthracite and pine-knot coal were used as fuel, and the exhaust steam was discharged into the chimney, thus utilizing it to increase the draught.

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