A Bunch of Everlastings, or Texts That Made History

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Five and twenty years ago to-night I was solemnly ordained a minister of the everlasting gospel. A medley of most romantic circumstances conspired to fix indelibly upon my mind the pro found impressions then created. I was a total stranger on this side of the planet: I had only landed in New Zealand a few hours before. Yet here I was among a people who were pleased to recognise in me their first minister! Trembling under the consciousness of my boyish inexperience, and shuddering under the awful burden imposed upon me by the Ordination Charge, I felt that life had suddenly become tremendous. I was doing business in deep waters! As a recognition of the goodness and mercy that have followed me all the days of my ministerial life, I desire, with inex pressible thankfulness, to send forth this Bunch of Everlastings.

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