1660-1910; A History of Hatfield, Massachusetts

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From these many sources the task has been one Of com pilation Of a connected account of the development Of the town, the weighing and sifting Of evidence where records or accounts conflicted, and the pursuit Of clues to elusive facts. Accuracy has been the aim, but further investigation or discovery may cause a change in some Of the statements and possibly mistakes have occurred in transcribing in some instances. A great deal of matter has necessarily been omitted, it is hoped nothing Of vital importance. Traditional evidence has not been wholly neglected, though it is not well to place too much faith in oral tradition, especially where it has been handed down for several generations. In some matters relating to the history Of later vears reliance has been placed on the memory Of people who were witnesses Of things Of which no written record can be found. TO mention all who have assisted in this way would be to present a long list. Thanks are here given to all who have in any way assisted in the preparation Of this work. All custodians Of public archives have been very courteous in putting the information in their control at my disposal.

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