A History of the York and Ainsty Hunt

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Come, I'll Show you a country that none can surpass, For a flyer to cross like a bird on the wing. We have acres of woodland and oceans of grass, We have game in the autumn and cubs in the spring.' once it was the fashion to decry the York and Ainsty country, and not so many years ago the late Mr. Bromley Davenport, whose spirited writings are well known to most sportsmen, wrote, with somewhat questionable taste, in my humble opinion, about a man deserving to be condemned to hunt for the rest of his days with the York and Ainsty. Even when it was purely a plough country, when the little grass there was in it was mainly confined to riverside meadow, the York and Ainsty was a happy hunting ground, as many a gallant soldier will testify who had his early hunting when quartered at York, Comm/e P127260, and from its earliest history good runs have been as prevalent as with other, and at one time, more fashionable packs.

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