An Exposition of the Epistles of St. Paul, and of the Catholic Epistles

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Others, taking the word Bishops in its ordinary ecclesiastical acceptation, understand it of the clergy of the first order only 3 and, although in conformity with the discipline of the Church, and the Apostolical canons, there could be only one Bishop at Philippi 3 still, as this Epistle was intended as a circular for the neighbouring Churches, it is most likely, the Apostle includes the Bishops of these places. The omission of the Priests may be easily accounted for on the ground, that the Bishop alone, aided by the Deacons, in consequence of the paucity of the faithful in these Churches, performed all the requisite priestly functions. St. Gregory Thaumaturgus had only seventeen souls under his charge when he entered on his Episcopal Office (see I Tim. Iii. 8, 93 Titus, i. The Apostle places Bishops and Deacons last among those whom he salutes. Although included in the entire Church, which he addressed in the first instance, he now, by way of special honour, addresses them in particular — (see I Tim. Iii.

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