A Practical Grammar of the Sanskrit Language

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Now that this Grammar has reached a fourth edition it may, perhaps, without presumption, be allowed to rest on its own merits. I have, therefore, dispensed with much of the prefatory matter which introduced the previous editions. Any one who compares the present Grammar with its predecessor will see at once the difference between the two, not indeed in its structure and arrangement, nor even in the numbering of the rules, but in the fuller and more complete explanation of points of detail. It may be well, however, to draw attention to some of the most noteworthy alterations and improvements. A table shewing the interchange of letters in the three sister languages, Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin, has been given at pages 18 — 20. The list of suffixes at pages 57 — 7 5 has been consider ably enlarged, and arranged in alphabetical order under each declension. The subject of declension has been elucidated by a clearer method of synopsis. A more complete account of Sanskrit accentuation has been given at the end of the volume.

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