A Treatise on the Knowledge and Love of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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II. Now, to return to our subject, we say that the Sacri fice of the Mass which is the same with that of the Cross, has succeeded to all the sacrifices of the ancient law, that it fulfils all their ends but with an excellence infinitely above theirs: 1. It is a most perfect holocaust, since we render to God an infinite honor in Offering Him Our Lord we acknowledge Him as first principle in presenting Him His Word, His Incarnate Son, the first born of all crea tures as Sovereign Lord of all things with absolute power to dispose of them as He pleases, Since at the least Sign of His will the substances of bread and wine which are on earth, and the principal sustenance of our life, are destroyed in this mystery; the Humanity of Our Lord, which is elevated in Heaven above all creatures, comes under the species of the host where, though living, it is represented as dead. Finally, we acknowledge God as our last end, Since we refer to His glory Our Lord Himself, and with Him all men as members in their head, subjects in their King, and generally all beings which are naturally included in Jesus Christ, inasmuch as He is Man, and supernaturally and divinely, inasmuch as He is man-god. Thus we Show to God that by reason Of His infinite great ness He merits a sacrifice of infinite excellence, and we offer Him such a sacrifice in offering Him Jesus Christ in the Mass this is certainly for us an inestimable happi ness. A soul inflamed with love of God and desire of His glory, said I would wish at each word and every respira tion to be able to produce infinite worlds, filled with angels infinitely more perfect than those in Heaven, to praise.

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