A Grammar of the Greek Language


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It is hoped that this Index, which will be found at the end of the first volume, will be of some use to the student in leading him to a solution of the difficulties and meaning of the sacred text, as far as they depend upon, or are explicable by, grammatical principles or idioms. T 0 those who happen to notice the circumstance, it may seem odd that there is a Dedication to the second and third editions, while there was none to the first. But besides my feeling that the favour which my work had received made it not so unworthy the acceptance of a Principal of King's College, as it would have been before it had been submitted to the public, the truth is that, in spite of my name in the titlepage, it was so often stated and sometimes so stoutly maintained that Dr. J elf was the author of it, that I thought it best to settle the question by requesting him to allow me to dedicate it to him as a token of affection towards himself, and of respect towards the institution over which he presides. I have to express my obligation to the Rev. Thomas Vere Bayne, Student and Tutor of Christ Church, not only for having kindly found time to correct the press, but also for some valuable suggestions with which he has favoured me.

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