A History of Miscou

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And first. What manner of place is Miscou? As a map will show, New Brunswick extends a long angle northeasterly into the sea, and, as it dips beneath the waves, Miscou is the last above the surface. It con sists of some low swells of wooded upland joined to gether by broad sand beaches enclosing great moors or barrens and many lakes and salt lagoons. The island is slowly sinking beneath the sea, which is eating away the upland, while the beaches are advene ing landward over barren and meadow. Only in one place is the island growing, and that is at Grande Plaine where 'a wide beach-plain is forming down the coast. The settlers farm the uplands, have fishing houses and canning factories on the beaches, and shoot great numbers of water-fowl on the lakes and lagoons. But long ago the beaches yielded greater game, for the sea-cow or walrus came to Grande Plaine in great numbers and were killed for their oil and ivory, as their bleaching bones to this day bear witness. Around the island are rich fisheries, and between it and Shippegan is a safe deep harbor, ample for the shelter of the largest fishing: fleet.

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