Johann Sebastian Bach


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His Open countenance — with a high brow and large clear eyes, and its setting, contrary to the fashion of the time, of long, naturally waving hair — has a most winning expression of youthful freshness, and an unmistakable trace of his artistic bent. Of this Prince's deeds as a ruler there is little to be told; but that little corresponds to the promise of the face. The court was of the Reformed Church, as also was a large part of the population. His predecessor, Emanuel Leberecht, had granted to the Lutherans the free and public exercise of their religious Observances, probably under the influence of his wife, who was of that confession. A Lutheran church had been built in 1699 and, in 1711, Gisela Agnes founded a Lutheran home and school for women and girls. One of Leopold's first enactments was not merely to con firm, but to increase, the liberty granted by his father.

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