A New Log of the Columbia

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We are grateful to the Massachusetts Historical Society for this generous cooperation and we trust that this linking of East and West may help to advance the growing feeling of American unity in historical interests. In addition to the fragment of the Columbia's log, referred to above, there are a number of other documents of prime import ance which bear on this new log. The manuscript journal of Captain Joseph Ingraham of the brig Hope is in the Library of Congress. A complete photostat copy, including the chart and drawings, is in the University of Washington Library. Ingraham was a mate on the Columbia dur ing her first voyage. He left her at Boston in 1790 and accepted command of the Hope, sent by Boston merchants, rivals to the group owning the Columbia. His journal has many entries relating to the work of his former associates. John Hoskins was supercargo or clerk of the Columbia during her memorable second voyage to the Northwest Coast. He kept a journal which is preserved in manuscript form in the Library of the Massachusetts Historical Society. A typewritten copy is in the University of Washington Library. While it is a very useful docu ment, it ends in March, 1792, or just before the important discoveries of that spring.

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