A Genealogy of Runnels and Reynolds Families in America


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A few epitaphs, anecdotes, and scraps of poetry are introduced, not as a matter of literary pretension, but for variety's sake, and to gratify, in some cases, the desires of those whose buried treas ures may thus more vividly be kept in memory. In accordance with the wise saying ascribed to John Quincy Adams, that Posterity delights in details, more full and minute citations from old registries of deeds, probate records, and other public documents, are here given, than are customary in most sim ilar works, for the reason that the proof of many genealogical points, established, is thus presented; while all the information which can be gathered respecting one's earlier ancestors is naturally gratifying, and barren facts or dates thus grouped together, though of no general interest except to immediate descendants, frequently suggest far more than can be expressed in words.

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