A Cook Book for the Poor, the Rich, the Sick, the Well

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My first object is to give a partial idea of scientific cooking whereby many may know how' to improve their health and prevent kidney and stomach trouble, of which a great percentage is caused by not knowing what we should eat and how it should be cooked. While I have taken a course'in the three branches of cooking; Invalid, Plain and Fancy, I sorely feel the lack of ability or power to impart the knowledge which I found that I so much needed and which is needed in homes everywhere. However, I will do my utmost to give others the benefit of my experience. A second object of this little book is to help young housekeepers of only moderate means to plan and cook meals that will nourish the system and still man age the financial part so as to save a husband's hard earned money, which should be one of the aims of all conscientious, thrifty housewives. A third object is to enable those, who never have been able to save on their table, to do so easily with very little study. A few menus and rules will be given.

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