A Treatise of Divine Meditation

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A dttatmg juponplatu and i'cal truths,to afleét their hearts, and amend their lives. It \is a fad and a. Firange'thing, that there fhould bee more light in the world, an _afe of knowledge, and leis heat, a decay of love; that there ihould bee fo m'uch profitable preaching, and yet no more pro fiting amongft the hearers: one caufe whereof doubtlefs is the omiflion of this duty. We Inuit read and confider, hear and con fider,it wee would get what'ifiree read and héar out Meditation Truths are voured not digefled. And as leanneis offoulis to bee feen in many through finful rejeétion, and cafling away of wholefome food; to the like is to, bee feen' in Others, that are fed with fuch food,for want of good concoétib' This littletraé'tate of the emi neatly learned, judicious andgodly'mr. Is to'teach t Art of Divine Meditation, to help, thy fpiritual digefiion lwould/eff thou take in the advice herein contained, thou {bouldefl finde thy foul growing and thri ving by it.

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