A Genealogical History of the Dunlevy Family


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The second part of the Dunlevy History is given up to Different Branches of the Dunlevy Family, with history and tree of each line showing all descendants that the writer has been able to hear of. Each line is traced as far back as was possible to the writer and each branch appears under a separate head, some being very large. The third portion of the book is that in which the complete line of descent is given from Anthony (or Antoine) Dunlevy (i) of Ireland, and his son Anthony (ii) Dunlevy, who emigrated to America about 1735; history, Bible records, etc., etc. I desire to close these few words Of explanation by expressing my deep appreciation of all kindness and active aid of the many from whom I have received such valuable information and assistance, who have given both trouble, time and money to further and make possible the completion and publication of The Dunlevy Family History. Gwendolyn dunlevy kelley. Pine Grove, 282 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio.

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