A Collection of Sermons and Tracts

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I might. Go on to prove the unity oftthe divine being from the perfection of God. He that is God is perfect in his nature and works. If.we fuppofe more gods than one, there mull be fome efl'ential difference, by which they are diftinguifhed one from another and that efl'ential difference mutt be either an excellency, or an imperfection if an imperfection, then he, to whom it be longs, cannot be God; becaufe he is not perfect; if it is an excellency, he, in whom It is, is thereby difiinguilhed from all others, in whom it is wanting; and fo can only be God: take it which way you will, there can be but one God. Moreover, he, that is God, is El Sbaddai, God all-fufiicient; he ftanda in need of nothing, nor can he receive any thing from others: who hath firfl: given to him, and it iball be recompenfed to him again Now all fufficiency cannot be properly. {aid of more than one.

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