A Dictionary of Thoughts

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During all these years the plan has been kept in mind, and constant additions have been made from a wide range of personal study and miscellaneous reading, gems of wisdom, and beauty, and common sense, being taken from any and every mine of authorship from which they might be gathered. A broad and rich field for selection has also been found in such valuable collections as Lacon, Laconia, The Laconic Manual, Burning Words of Brilliant Writers, Many Thoughts of Many Minds, Classical and Foreign Quotations, Great Thoughts from Greek Authors, Aphorisms of the World's Literature, Living Thoughts of Living Thinkers, The Treasury of Thought, Great Truths by Great Authors, Thoughts and Apothegms, Day's Collocon, Stars from the Poets and Thinkers' Heaven of all Ages, Wit and Wisdom of Bulwer, Life Thoughts, Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations, Bits of Burnished Gold, Beautiful Thoughts, Seed Grain, German, French, Spanish, and Italian collections, and many other interesting and valuable works, indebt edness to which is freely and gratefully acknowledged.

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