A Gothic Christmas Angel


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Winner of the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards - Best Novella of 2014

The Ghosts of Old Miseries are never far behind…

Dumped by her boyfriend on Christmas Eve, Cassie Baruch thought her pain would end when she aimed her car at an ancient beech tree. But when a gorgeous black-winged angel appears and tells her "this ain’t no stinking paranormal romance, kid," she realizes death hasn’t solved her problems. Can Jeremiel help her exorcise the ghosts of problems past and find a little closure?

This modern paranormal spin on the myth of guardian angels blends A Christmas Carol with It's A Wonderful Life to give people hope they can come to grips with the past and overcome. It explores themes of poverty, racism, dysfunctional families and despair. Suitable for adults and older teens.

“Very few books move me to tears but this one did in the most glorious fashion. There is a message here, told with humor and grace. Wonderful!” —Reader review

“She made me care. And she made me cry. And I’m very, very thankful for the ending.” —Reader review

"A book that touched me like no other book has!" —Reader review

"Once again Anna spins words into gold. The gothic twist to this modern Christmas Carol is terrific..." —Reader review

"If I could, I'd give this story an infinity amount of stars! This book/story gave me chills." —Reader review

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