An Anthology of Short Stories (Holiday Cheating Unfaithful Strange Cuckold Multiple Partners Romance)

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An Anthology of Short Stories (Holiday Cheating Unfaithful Strange Cuckold Multiple Partners Romance) This Anthology of Short Romance Stories contains the following: 1. I Need a Man (One Night Stand Romance) Melissa is a woman with an insatiable desire for men. She needs a man after she leaves work one evening. Having just broken up with her boyfriend, she rushes home and makes good use of her battery-powered vibrator. Just over an hour later, she still isn’t satisfied. She needs a real man and she therefore leaves home in search of what she desires. 2. A Romance Filled Holiday (Holiday Romance) Three married friends (Anna, Rita, and Doris) decide to take a ladies-only, romance-filled holiday in Paris. While in Paris, they come up with a novel idea! They book a handsome black male escort who comes to their hotel for a fantastic foursome! 3. Love for Breakfast (A Romantic Surprise) All is not as it seems when Carol invites her new neighbor Pete to her house for breakfast. Pete’s suspicions are confirmed when she opens the door for him in her birthday suit. 4. A Beautiful One Night Stand Romance (Romantic Mystery) Blake and Tillie are two colleagues engaged in a secret affair. After much flirting at the office one day, they both head to her home where they make love to each other all night. 5. I Need a Lover (Cheating Unfaithful Romance) After having a very passionate night together, Chloe’s boyfriend (Colin) openly admits to having slept with several women during their relationship. Feeling heartbroken after just breaking up with her cheating boyfriend, Chloe finds herself in the arms of Marco, her co-worker, with whom she carries out vengeance on her unfaithful boyfriend. 6. Extramarital Affair (Cheating Wife Cuckold Husband Romance) Kendra is a married woman who is unable to keep her underwear on. She always has to have a new man in her bed. She constantly craves the excitement and danger of having numerous extramarital affairs, especially with complete strangers. 7. She Likes It From Behind (Strange Romance) Anita is a woman in a seemingly very happy marriage. However, her husband won’t do what she really wants. She wants Theo (her husband) to make love to her from behind. Upset and falling asleep after yet another rejection, Theo decides that the time has finally come to give his wife what she really desires. 8. Taken on the Train (Train Romance Quickie) Ella is a very promiscuous woman who never misses an opportunity to sleep with anyone she fancies… preferably with complete strangers. When she sees a handsome stranger on a train, she asks him to sleep with her right there on the train. However, they have to hurry up before the ticket inspector gets to their carriage and sees them having a quickie. Another day, another quickie! 9. All Night Long (Multiple Partners Romance) Liz is an ordinary woman in her late twenties with a regular job. However, she is different from everyone she knows. She loves and craves pleasure. She has to have pleasure several times a day and when her fiancé Andre is not available, her fingers and her vibrator will do the trick. 10. My Best Friend’s Wife (Cuckold Cheating Wife Romance) Ted’s wife Vicky is also his best friend Andy’s ex-girlfriend. Vicky first dated Andy in their university days before leaving him to be with his best friend Ted and they eventually get married. Although Andy has made it clear to Ted that he has forgiven him for stealing his girlfriend many years ago, Andy is still in love with Vicky. He wants her for himself and he will do all he can to sleep with his best friend’s wife.

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