Creamy Hucow Sluts 2

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For adults only. All characters portrayed in this 10K-word novelette are consenting adults. This is part two of a red-hot steamy series. Features: Explicit sexual scenarios, BDSM, male and female willing and naughty slaves, spanking, bisexual and male gay sex, lactation fantasy, simmering lust and desire, TV and CD maids, adventurous and eager hucows, group action, anal examination and lots more! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ Damon wandered back inside Spanky Mansions. He was greeted by gorgeous Sarah, who had been intently watching him. He bumped into her and felt his hand resting on her shoulder. Unsure, he removed his hand immediately. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there behind the door.” “That’s fine, don’t fret. Entirely my fault as I had time to move out of the way,” the crossdressing maid replied, wanting him to return his hand. It felt good, natural and not embarrassing or awkward to him at all. “You look wonderful. Does it take you very long to get dressed up?” Damon asked, desperately trying to mask his desire for her and his increasing anxiety about getting fully dressed up himself too. “What, in my entire outfit you mean, including the shoes and stockings?” “Yes, everything, including the shoes and stockings.” “About an hour. Mistress Spank allows maid April and I to take our time to ensure that we look immaculate. Nothing less will do in her opinion and there are consequences for us if we disobey. Pleasant consequences of course, as we’re so used to them. Between me and you, sometimes we welcome them. I don’t think that Mistress has fully worked out yet just how much we enjoy them.” “Don’t worry, it can be our little secret,” he replied, closing one eye and touching the side of his nose with his finger. He opened his eye and put his hands by his sides. “Oh you do look immaculate, both of you.” He wanted to say ‘you more than April’ but he stopped himself. “She’s very strict isn’t she? Does she ever completely lighten up and relax?” “Well she is a dominatrix. That’s how they are. But just between me and you though, she does lighten up, as you put it. She is human you know. Listen, best I be off now as Mistress is expecting me to help April to prepare dinner and dessert for us all. I’m so pleased that you’re staying overnight. If Mistress allows, we can have a proper and full chat later, but if not, I hope to speak to you on another occasion, Damon.” “Okay, thank you. I look forward to dinner and dessert too and I promise that one way or another, we will have that chat. Been nice talking to you again.” “Likewise,” maid Sarah replied, curtseying and smiling at the same time. She walked away and Damon couldn’t take his eyes off her. He thought that she was so cute, so refined and bet that she also had an extremely naughty side deep down too. She was a man after all and if she worked in a mansion full of kinky equipment, tools and people then she was no saint. And probably no virgin either. Andrew wandered up to his curious friend. Wearing a rather fetching short red slit tight skirt and a black satin blouse, his look was finished off by black nylon tights and black high heels; the strappy kind which have straps that cross over and around ankles and have a little buckle to the side. He could just about walk in them! He’d rummaged through drawers and Mistress Spank had given him permission to wear jewellery too. Gold-coloured hoop clip-on earrings and a matching gold-coloured dangly necklace to be precise. Finley lurked behind him. He wore a long pink satin dress, complete with pink high-heeled stiletto shoes and pink clip-on earrings and a silver-coloured shorter necklace. Both wore bracelets and also wigs, too.

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