Feeling Blue

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Olivia Lee, also known as the Seductress, has cured Edward Brewster of the curse of impotence. Now she has set her sights on bigger game. To prove she is a sexual healer, she and Edward seek out Blue Balls, a young woman who has been Changed to be irresistible to both men and women. But Blue labors under a curse of her own. She is desired by all, but is incapable of allowing anyone, man or woman, into her bed. Can Edward and Olivia succeed? Or will the curse of the Change leave all of them Feeling Blue? Excerpt Chuck Evans watched the three people in the booth near the window. His eyes were wide as he drank in Olivia's voluptuous form and Chloe's pale-skinned beauty. He pulled out his cell phone and snapped a few surreptitious pictures. Wait until he got off work! No one in the dorm was going to believe he had seen three of the Changed together! And one of them was the Seductress! And Blue Balls and E.D., too! He eagerly waited for the conversation to break off, and for the three of them to throw down in an epic fight like the one the Exterminator and the Flying Fox had in St. Louis last month. The one which had left the Arch lying at the bottom of the Mississippi River, and the governor of Missouri howling for damages. Sadly, no battle seemed to be forthcoming. While the conversation grew heated at times, there was no hint of violence. Probably just as well, he thought. I need the job. And if these three get rowdy one little coffee shop is going to be the least of their concerns. He straightened up as the Seductress rose and slowly strutted over to the counter, the hem of her dress fluttering around her thighs. He gulped, eyes wide, as her sheer physical impact drained the blood from his brain. His shaft tented his pants, and he tried to hide it behind the register. “Hello.” he said, flushing as his voice broke like a kid going through puberty. “Can I help you? Do you need a refill?” He tried to keep his eyes off the proud hills of her breasts, their nipples poking at the thin cloth covering her chest. “You surely can,” she said, her voice low and dark, thick with desire. “And I do need a refill. It has been...hours...since someone filled me up.” In his pants, his shaft surged, pounding with his heartbeat. He barely noticed Blue Balls stand and join the Seductress. “Do you see my friend over there? The thin man with dark hair?” Chuck nodded. “E.D.,” he said. She smiled. “He prefers Edward these days. But I'm glad you know who he is. And who we are. Well, Chuck,” she said, reading his name tag. “Edward and I have a little bet. And Blue here is very interested in the result. Edward thinks I can't make you come with him in the building. You know how he is supposed to affect men. I think I can do it. Blue is going to be our witness. “So is there someplace we can be alone? Just the three of us?” Chuck's eyes darted between the three of them. The Seductress smiled and leaned forward, allowing him to see down her cleavage. Blue Balls rolled her eyes. In the corner booth, E.D. (no, Edward, damn it) raised his cup in a mocking salute. “Cynthia,” he said, his voice shaking a little. “Could you watch the front counter for a few minutes? I'm taking my break.”

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