Attack Me

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When I called the number and agreed to be used in public by two men, I didn't realize how much I was going to enjoy it. --- Doreen Starr is normal in every sense of the word. That is, until she witnesses something so enthralling and intoxicating that she is unable to put it behind her. To move forward, she must take a step back and face her deepest desire. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ As if she could hear my thoughts, the corner of her lips turn up into an unmistakable smile that hides desires and pleasures beyond my realm of understanding. Her smouldering eyes draw me in. The two men followed her line of sight and turn their heads towards me in one smooth motion. A sharp spasm of need pierced through me as I lock sights with them. Their shocking, possessive gazes unfurls the undeniable desire in me. I want to be the woman between them. I want to be ravaged as she is, in the dark. Like hers, their lush lips turn into a wicked, knowing grin that seem to convey: I know what you want. You're next. I close the blinds and quickly turn my back to it. My racing heart refuse to stop working in overdrive. I take a few deep breaths to calm down. It is an impossible task. My mind is intent on hyperventilating. Even with my eyes closed, I continue to imagine how she was treated so savagely by the two men. Their fingers all over her naked body, groping and touching every curve and dip. And she was enjoying every second of it, charges of excitement rippling through her powerless form, a willing victim to their reckless, savage lust. I could still feel their lustful eyes on me. Desire swirls hotly between my legs. I shouldn't be looking at such an intimate act. I've heard of couples going at it in public, but have never in my life thought I would be witness to something so...vulgar. The growing heat between my legs pulsates and I gulp audibly. Instead of calming down, my heartbeat speeds up. I turn around. My legs feel like they've turned to jelly but I manage to keep myself from falling as I continue to peek at the threesome...

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