But I'm Your Teen Sister, You Perv! - Part 1

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Everyone knows Cynthia is that gorgeous teen nerd who never puts out. That's why she is known as The Ice Queen. The bookworm with the centerfold body who is saving herself for Mr. Right. That isn't Marty, though. Marty the Stud. Also Cynthia's brother, recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan as a special forces operative. Muscular, arrogant, and blessed with better looks than are good for him, Marty isn't one to be easily discouraged by his kid sister's stuck-up attitude. Oh no, to Marty the Warrior, that only makes it that much more fun to defrost the Ice Queen once and for all, and lay her young, virgin pussy to waste. As far as Marty sees it, his kid sister is in for a hard, brutal, bareback ride that she had coming. ~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~ Marty “We’re lost,” Sis says, brushing a strand of dark red hair away from her forehead, unaware of the smear of dirt it leaves behind. With dirt or without, she looks gorgeous and I try to ignore the hard-on that presses painfully against the fabric of my pants. We are not really lost, I know exactly where we are. The road that we are looking for is a good five minute walk north of here, but I have no intention of telling her. I'm having too much fun checking out her prime ass, and loving the way her jeans are stretched tight around it. “I guess we are, kid,” I lie, my heart pounding excitedly. This is all part of the plan to get in her panties, but I’m no longer so certain it is a particularly smart plan. Sis looks at me over her shoulder and I can tell she is beyond angry. That was not part of the plan. Then again, Cynthia is usually quick to anger when I'm involved. “This is all your fault,” she hisses, baring two rows of perfectly straight white teeth framed by luscious full lips. “God, I should never have trusted you! I can’t believe I could be this stupid.” Mimicking my voice, she goes, “Kid, I know the forest like the back of my hand. Really, it’ll be fun. Sis, I'm an expert at wilderness survival expert.” Does she have any inkling how hot she looks when she is angry like that? “I’m sorry,” I lie, holding up my hands to illustrate how truly sorry I am. The only thing I'm sorry about is waiting this long to make a move on her. Cynthia Gasping, the reality of the situation sinks in. The arrogant xxx planned for all this to happen. It is the only explanation. He may be a bragger about his knowledge of the forest, but he knows this place. Then I know why he wants to take me to the lake. “You xxxxing pervert,” I say. “You xxxxing dirty little pervert!” Before I know it, I hit him and push him hard enough to fall backwards, and next I’m right on top of him. “What the XXX,” Marty screams, holding his hands up in defense, my fists pummeling down on him. “You xxxxing creep!” I scream and succeed at hitting his nose hard, but not hard enough to break. Too bad. “What the xxxx are you talking about?” Marty screams. “I know exactly why you took me here,” I hiss. “The same reason why you walk in on me after I showered!” It is true. After his return from the war, the xxxxing perv has walked in on me more than once after I've showered, all just so he can ogle my tits and my ass wrapped in a towel. What kind of person does that sort of thing? Only my xxxxing perverted older brother. “I have no idea what you are talking about,” Marty screams. “You xxxx,” I say and land one final blow. After walking all day, I simply don’t have the energy to keep punching him. “I’ll never forgive you for this,” I say and my hips sink down, the muscles in my thighs and calves burning. My body registers it before my mind does and my eyes grow wide and my jaw drops hard and fast. Then it hits me at a mental level, what the hard thing is that is pressing through Marty’s pants against me ass. As if stung, I jump up and step away from him. “You are having a xxxxing erection," I say, more shocked than angry.

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